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From SushiSwap to Sushi.com: a better understanding of Sushi products and recipes

Kashi - 10% of loans, 10% of h3ayments

Sho NFT Platform Trading Securities - 2,5% de Sho NFT Platform Trading

Hot springs and yield farms - Use agricultural incentives to favor juice over sushi.

MISO supports new brands on Sushi.com. This attracts a lot of volume on Sushi AMM.

Tr AMM - Sushi AMM's market share is only 0.05%. Only time will tell if improving customer experience, driven by increased investment and fuel, has become more appealing to the business platform.

Estimate the value from the market value of Su tokens to promote / support the value of other MM. In-depth discussion.

Mira and Ryan's search has chosen much sushi rather than products, including the name of the name, the transaction. Because of the similarity of business models, the main value of sushi's flower doctor is selected. The price provided to the XSushi partners can be considered to be given to employees as part of a partner.

Analysis is divided into Bull, benchmark and bear activities.

The average business value of Bull market - the changes changes, expand the world quickly.

- Business cosplayts from market is stable and many groups.

DEAR BUSINESS - SUSHI Control the same amount of sales price, and the product is not confident to the market, and only the product's requirement is Amm Dex.

Now we use the average sales worker with the needs of Sushi Dex Industry.

After 2021, the price will increase the SEX value. The growth forecast for February 2 includes a 20-year plan, a two-year forecast growth rate is calculated on a 百度竞价推广i-annual basis. Compare your annual income by cosplayt of sales versus time.

Do I think of another key system and tell them how to get product value?

The new product will provide users with a token around 20DEX, he said in a special note. Additional trading volume of $ 82.4 million. In addition to increasing the number, Sushi can continue to gain new customers. Otherwise, you will not be able to get a new user.

Considering the annual volume says Rachel, I want Miso to keep adding DEX at 20% of the annual volume, since we are counting the annual volume that Miso gives to DEX in 202. The income is 0.30% of the total income, therefore miso income can be counted. Miso could generate more than $ 5.1 billion in trade value and $ 15 million in annual sales by 2022, an increase of 1.08%, according to the report.

We have always seen the market for high end devices such as 去中心化的金融, NFT, and Gaming in various industries. The future integration of Shoyu will allow the sale of sushi to consumers. With the development of NFT and NFT based games, Shoyu can be trusted to bring significant financial benefits to xSUSHI. According to this model, if fish sauce reaches 5% market share by 2022, fish sauce will increase xSUSHI's revenue by more than $ 186 million, contributing 13.10% of revenue.

DEX and Miso Launchpad revenues include Chinese SUSHI for all events. In addition, another dollar estimate of the manufacturing industry may compete with NFTs and generate 5% of NFTs. Initially, Miso will provide 20% of the new estimates worldwide. However, given that the market value is accepted now, it is a success.

Amm is a fairly fair business. Tristing AMM must be changed as car volume increases. This will postpone the work of the V3 or S to increase increase performance because it can increase the entire benefit of changes daily and the impact of 400%.

It is also clear that MAA is the DEX that will lead, but how long will the risk remain to be seen in the market situation. A recent change in the sushi team has freed engineers and CTO member Joseph Delong. An idea from Alex Woodard and Daniel Sesta in a series of meetings called for a harmonious approach to sushi and the creation of a more cohesive society.

Sushi has been shown that without support, local culture can achieve the same results. As a transportation community, Sushi has a unique advantage in creating grocery stores like any other industry, in terms of size. what works.

This week, rising global media prices and recent global media coverage of the coronavirus resulted in the recent disruption of "dangerous" devices. The value of the visible 去中心化的金融 token has generally dropped by more than 50%. The constant 去中心化的金融 value is about $ 245 billion, or about 6% less than the total.

However, Yihua Exchange's DEX market is in another explosive phase, starting with $ 1 billion in market share in 2000. Turnover of $ 146 million has reached a peaked at 4,040 in May, but overall 去中心化的金融 TVL has increased by around 260% since May. Why is the DEX volume increasing proportionally?

The full screen display to be broadcast on Fi TV is a trade-off between the old store and the old store. cash? Over the past 365 days, SushiSwap's combined volume was $ 162 billion, and Uniswap's total packaging volume was $ 646 billion, four times the total shipments. Based on the Financial Service Provider rate paid by each platform, the Financial Service Provider of Uniswap and Sushiswap is 10.0 and 2.8, respectively.

This seems to be due to the fact that Sushiswap traders offer Uniswap 3x and 6x prices compared to Sushiswap when they receive LP prices. The next aspect is relatively small.

Sushi started with the devil in August 2021 with a controversial Uniswap fork, stealing $ 1 billion in Uniswap capital in less than a week. In its first month of production, Sushi caught fire, accounting for over 9% of total DEX trade volume. That was until attorney Nomi sold the entire investment portfolio for 38,000 以太币 . Due to the strength of the community, Nomi went through many ups and downs after paying all the sushi bills, but quickly became a sushi community.

Although Sushi expanded its product line and projected itself into a chain, layer 2 solution and side chain, AMM DEX was still an early product in the ecosplayystem. As the community anticipates the purchase of new BentoBox-based products such as Trident AMM, Mochi and Furo, we will present detailed information on how this model will benefit the Sushi ecosplayystem in the instructions below.

AMM DEX multi-chain users can specify and then copy assets into trade orders such as trades. The price is according to different market. The originality of Sushi AMM DEX No matter where the blockchain becomes the leader, Sushi will take advantage of the opportunity and will be open to the public.

SUSHIBar - An engagement platform that SUSHI has built on. Users get a fraction of the platform's value by putting them to SUSHI sleep. SUSHI who bet SUSHI can return xSUSHI. Staking SUSHI always provides staking value. Increase the amount of fees paid on the platform .

Onsen yiel Agriculture - Onsen will provide additional rewards and financial support for new projects through Sunrise Plants of SUSHI tokens. New projects typically seed liquidity early and distribute large amounts of tokens first. So they can create streams and containers by combining the hot water they make with the sushi they make in the new industry.

Miso - The Sushi Coin Launch Pad launches in May 2021. The process of announcing new coins in Miso tokens in an update for Miso Project Creators. The famous Yield Guild Games and BitDAO operations have been completed in Iiso.

A new set of future funding options that BentoBox-Sushi plans to offer. This can be done easily without the need for multiple token entries. Keep it in your parts library. The safe allows the use of tokens to be deposited in an application account without authorization to rebuild. These farming strategies include activities such as mortgage, mortgage and mortgage lending.

Kashi - Product version based on BentoBox. The new products from Kashi, all are actually the first separated. It can protect the platform from being affected by the immediate destruction of some assets as it can be included in the business marriage relationship, which is the recommendation of marketing and marketing agreements used by major 去中心化的金融 developers such than Aave. In addition to signing up for everyone, users can check out various notifications.

Trident AMM - Sushi's next-generation BentoBox AMM to improve financial performance. Trident will provide drainage for four different types of lakes. The large pool allows users to select the pool that best suits their risk profile and facilitates data management.


The company: Contributes 10% of the proceeds from the renovation and 90% of the proceeds go to the spa and agroecological industry to promote the liquidity process.

Allow us to share the product as an expert serves XSushi income.

Sushi AMM-Sushi AMM represents 0.05% of the total market share

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